Dr. Amandeep Singh

Dr. Amandeep Singh is currently employed as Research Establishment Officer at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India. Under the role, he is entrusted with the sibility to manage Imagineering Laboratory, where the emphasis is principally given to two tasks: providing novel product development and fostering services.
Not only does his efforts in the achievement of these aims speak volumes, but he has also excelled in adhering to a professional code of conduct while dispensing various duties at the laboratory. Dr. Singh has accumulated an experience of twenty years: industrial and academic combined. He is granted research and consultancy projects by GoI funding agencies like DST, DRDO, DBT, and SIDBI with total funding of around Rs. 6 Cr till March 2022. His research interests include things he values such as the Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems, along with areas such as Additive Manufacturing; Simulation of Manufacturing Systems; Product Design and Manufacturing; Engineering Metrology. He has traveled to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia to collaborate and present his research at various international conferences organized by reputed bodies like CIRP and IEOM. His research is published in various international reputed journals.